Old habits die hard

I spent a good year (approximately August 2009 to August 2010) losing weight and getting in shape. Instead of immediately cutting my caloric intake in half and committing to exercising three times a day, I took the slow and steady approach. I read about health and learned more about reading labels. I cut out most packaged food as well as foods that had Dr. Oz’ Top 5 ingredients to avoid in the first five ingredients. I bought a juicer and began juicing. I just did that for a while.

Eventually I felt it was time to take things to the next level and began to exercise. I cut out red and pink meat and taking my coffee with sugar. I did other stuff.

A year into my lifestyle change, I was 23 pounds lighter and feeling good. At this point, I thought: “I’ve learned enough about healthy eating and made enough changes in my life that I won’t be able to help but be thin from now on.”

Old habits do die hard, though, don’t they?

As of late, I’ve found myself falling back into old habits of “Oh, I haven’t had that in forever! It won’t hurt to have some.” While it’s true that it’s been awhile since I’ve had that particular item, I’ve done that same routine with a number of bad-for-me things. The result? Losing my overall “healthy lifestyle liver” badge. My monthly reminder that I’m a woman only makes it worse, literally making me feel as though I could consume the entire fridge in one evening!

So here I am, trying desperately to regain that excitement for eating well, that understanding that “treats” (sugar, candy, fattening stuff in general) aren’t really treats, that general willingness to exercise and, what I miss most of all, that ability to turn down (without feeling deprived) sweets and treats.



4 thoughts on “Old habits die hard

  1. I don’t have much “help” to offer other than to tell you I am in the exact same boat. I worked hard to lose nearly 40 pounds but I find myself wondering when I get to eat like a “normal person” again. This of course leads to over indulgence and a “I’ll start eating good again tomorrow” attitude and of course gaining the weight back. I can offer you this though: I am always here if you need a little kick in the butt. =) You look amazing and I am so proud of the changes you have implemented and the results you have created in just one year.

  2. That’s amazing!! Love the juicer idea…I feel like I need to incorporate ‘cleaner stuff’ into my daily routine instead of snacking on processed things. Way to go Melis 🙂 xx M

    1. Thanks, Marisa! I just checked out your blog. I love it! I always find I, too, end up getting the most compliments on stuff I got at the thrift store. I love that you alter everything. That opens a whole new world of possibilities and makes for some fabulous outfits!

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